Struktol Company of America, LLC

Product Overview

TR 077

An efficient lubricant system that works extremely well in filled and unfilled nylon for processability improvement and increased output rates.

TR 251

A blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants for areas where EBS is being used. An effective dispersant and wetting agent for pigments and fillers in a wide variety of polymer systems.

TR 044W

Provides flow and metal release with little or no effect on physical properties in most polymers. The best choice for polar or engineering resins. Very good heat stability.

TR 063A

Designed to provide improved processing characteristics of filled and unfilled polyamides. Typical improvements at the compounding stage are reduced die build-up (“die bearding”) and die drool. For injection molding applications, processors can expect to see better flow and mold filling vs. typical lubricants such as metal stearates or amide waxes.

TR 131

Erucic acid amide used as a higher temperature slip agent. Its slower migration rate is beneficial for printing films.

TR 141

Saturated primary amide which blooms in an invisible monolayer for surface appearance. Color stable at higher process temperatures.


Ethylene bisstearamide wax for a wide range of polymers used for improved dispersion of pigments and fillers and viscosity modification. TR EBS VG is manufactured from high quality vegetable acid with low iodine value.

TR 052

A versatile additive that has found many uses in polymer applications such as compatibilization of dissimilar materials, dispersing agent and flow modifier.

V-Wax E

Natural refined wax designed to replace Montan Wax E as a general purpose lubricant and release agent in nylons.

V-Wax OP

Saponified, natural refined wax designed to replace Montan Wax OP as a general purpose lubricant and release agent in higher temperature nylons.

Metal Stearates

A high purity, non-wettable powder with a uniform particle size (90% thru 200 mesh).


Offers low dust and easy handling. The low chloride content of STRUKTOL® Calcium Stearate allows for complete product dispersion in elastomers and meets the quality and processing demands of polyolefin, polystyrene and polyester manufacture.


A high purity stearate with a low soluble salt level that reduces discoloration during processing. It is an excellent dusting agent to prevent surface adhesion in ABS plastic and in other thermoplastics.

Zinc Laurate

A short chain metal soap that can be used in a variety of plastic compounds to provide improved heat stability, specifically in compounds with high metal content.


A high quality technical grade stearic acid manufactured in a tightly controlled production operation that guarantees product uniformity. The bead and pastille forms have the major advantage of being essentially dust-free during handling, in contrast to powder forms. In all other aspects, the properties are equivalent to the standard stearates being used in the plastic and rubber industries.


This clear melt zinc stearate is one of the most widely used additives in the plastics field. It also serves as a lubricant or emulsifier in the toiletries and cosmetics areas, and can be used for mold release.


Manufactured from a high quality vegetable fatty acid with a low iodine value in a tightly controlled production operation that guarantees product uniformity.