Struktol Company of America, LLC

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Struktol's unique process additives for reclaimed/recycled plastics and for polymer compounds that contain recycled content are also available.

Improved processing, compatibility, odor and physical properties help turn compounds into engineered, high performance materials. Useful in a variety of different resin systems from polyolefins to engineered plastics, these products offer greater processing efficiency and enhanced performance. They are targeted for compounds containing 100% recycled material or materials with varying levels of post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content.

STRUKTOL Innovative Additives are the key to turning recycled content formulations into engineered, high performance compounds.

  • Compatibility Improvement
  • Homogenous Blending
  • Superior Processing
  • Melt Flow / Viscosity Control
  • Odor Elimination
  • Increased Throughput


TR 251  Flow & Metal Release


RP 06  Odor modified
RP 11  General purpose
RP 23  When PE is present
RP 38  High efficiency when PE is present
VMO Series  Low Odor


RP 17  Mask and Neutralization
RP 53  Neutralizer


RP 28   Compatibilizer, better mixing
TR 052  Compatibilizer, dispersing agent, flow modifier
TR 237  Compatibilizer, lubricant for Nylon, PC & PC/ABS