Struktol Company of America, LLC

Intelligent Additive Solutions for the Polymer Industry

Struktol manufactures a complete line of additives that function individually or in combination in both natural and synthetic rubber.  By providing a full range of material-enhancing products, i.e. dispersants, homogenizers, lubricants, peptizers, plasticizers and tackifiers, the incorporation of Struktol additives can significantly improve processability for all stages of rubber production.  We are a flexible innovation partner, producing our additives in accordance with the demanding specifications of all our customers and reacting swiftly to market needs, adapting new technologies quickly to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Struktol Intelligent Additive Solutions open a new world of possibilities for increased performance with improved consistency.  As the industry evolves, Struktol strives to be a leading force in the support of change to better our future.

Depend on Struktol Additives for:

  • Superior viscosity control 
  • Improved mold release 
  • Improved mixing and uniform filler dispersion 
  • Decreased mixing times and energy 
  • Improved ease of manufacturing

At Struktol, we’ve built a reputation for unique, dynamic and cost-effective solutions.
Let us help your business open a world of new opportunities.