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Faster Processing of High Performance Silica Compounds Using Struktol® Silica Dispersants

The use of processing additives in compounds containing high dispersity silica/silane coupler and high levels of natural rubber can provide a variety of processing and physical property benefits.

  • Reduced Viscosity for Improved Processing
  • Increased Cure State
  • Improved Scorch Safety
  • Better Modulus and Tensile
  • Significant Decrease in Payne Effect
  • Abrasion Loss is Reduced
  • Lower Tan δ (Better Fuel Economy)
  • Lower Heat Build Up (Better Durability)
  • Longer Blow Out Times (Better Durability)

The selection of a processing additive for a particular application can be accomplished by evaluating the physical property and processability benefits.

Technical Data Sheets

A zinc-free processing aid especially designed for use with silica-filled elastomers. It improves extrusion rate, reduces hysteresis, and reduces mill roll sticking. It has a slight activation effect in sulfur-cured compounds which in some instances is very desirable.

Designed to improve extrusion output and appearance in NR, SBR, SSBR, and EPDM compounds. Has a very high affinity for silica fillers and provides for maximum reduction of rolling resistance in high-performance silica tire treads.

A recent addition to our product lineup. It is designed for use as a process additive in silica-filled compounds to both reduce viscosity and improve extrusion rate. It promotes the crosslinking reaction between polysulfide silane coupling agents and polymer, and has minimal effect on dynamic stiffness.

Industry Presentations

Faster Processing of High Performance Silica Compounds
Presented at Congresso Brasileiro de Tecnologia da Borracha 2012

Improved Performance In High Natural Rubber Silica Compounds
Presented at ITEC 2012