Struktol Company of America, LLC

STRUKTOL® TR 451 for Highly Filled Compounds

Designed for extruded and molded applications, TR 451 will improve the overall processing characteristics of your compound.

It is especially effective improving the incorporation of fillers into polyolefin compounds, allowing for higher loadings without sacrificing processing or properties.  Compounders using treated fillers may be able to substitute untreated fillers in combination with TR 451 to cut costs and realize performance benefits.

  • Lower Viscosities
  • Increased Filler Loading and Dispersion
  • Retained Physical Properties
  • Improved Aging Characteristics
  • Lower Scrap Rates Makes for Efficient Manufacturing

Physical Properties of 40% Calcium Carbonate Loaded PP:

 Flex Strength, MPaFlex Modulus, MPaNotched Impact, J/mUnnotched Impact J/m

40% F Grade CaCO3


40% FT Grade CaCO3

48.62800150No Break

40% F Grade + 1% TR 451

49.02640170No Break


Melt Temperature and Onset Degradation Temperature by DSC:

 Tm, °CTdeg, °C

Neat Polymer


40% F Grade CaCO3


40% FT Grade CaCO3


40% F Grade + 1% TR 451