Struktol Company of America, LLC

Lubricants and Homogenizing Additives for Thermoplastic Compounding

Struktol Intelligent Additive Solutions make thermoplastics more processable and that means more efficient manufacturing operations and stronger, more durable products.

Our additives are designed to provide excellent blending and dispersion as well as lubricating process enhancements for the compounder, molder or extruder.  Our additives are especially efficient in highly filled compounds, and they act as compatibilizers while improving surface finish and metal release.


  • Superior viscosity control
  • Improved mold release
  • Reduced friction, plate out, mold splay
  • Improved mixing and filler dispersion
  • Decreased mixing/processing times
  • Improved physical properties
  • Increased recycle incorporation
  • Improved odor control

Struktol manufactures a complete line of additives that function individually or in combination as homogenizers, lubricants and surfactants, all accompanied by a wide range of benefits. Many Struktol Intelligent Additive Solutions are the result of a partnering effort between our customer and our sales and technical staff.  If we don’t have the product that meets your needs you can count on us to develop something that exceeds your requirements.