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REACH Initiative
The European Union REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) initiative is a regulation impacting chemicals and products containing chemicals manufactured in or imported into Europe.

REACH Restrictions
REACH covers the whole life cycle of a substance, from the bottom to the top of the supply chain. Products must be registered with REACH in order to be used or distributed in the European marketplace.

Struktol Company of AmericaREACH Product Registration
The Struktol family of companies is in the process of registering products in accordance with REACH guidelines and will have completed Registration Dossier upon final deadlines.

Struktol’s REACH Assurance
Struktol is building a proactive communications network with customers to implement a successful REACH program to ensure the future availability of all our products. Customers can be assured that any Struktol product utilized in their manufacturing process will be in compliance with all
REACH mandates.

Click here for Struktol's Reach Statement

Struktol Company of America REACH Preregistered Products

40 MS Flakes


TS 50

A 50

RP 28

TR 016

A 60

SA 0915

TR 041

A 60 DH

SCA 1100

TR 044W

A 80

SCA 930 CB

TR 121

A 95

SCA 960

TR 131

Activator 73A

SCA 972

TR 141

Activator 73LM

SCA 974

TR 251

AW 1

SCA 98


Calcium Stearate



CY 48




SCA 985

Vestenamer 8012 (Evonik)


SCA 985 CB

W 34

EF 44A

SCA 985 PL

WB 16

EP 52

SCA 989

WB 212

HM 97

Strukrez 110

WB 222

HPS 11

TH 110

WB 300

HT 290

TPW 012

WB 42

JV 46F

TPW 104

WS 180

KK 49

TPW 113

WS 280

Koresin (BASF)

TPW 426

ZB 47

KW 400

TPW 707


KW 460

TPW 709


KW 550 TS 30, 30DL

Zinc Laurate

PE(H)-100 TS 35, 35DL

Zinc Stearate









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