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Processing Aides

Struktol Company of America, LLC, has developed the following processing aids for polymer composites.  These have become the “workhorses” in the polymer composite world that Struktol can “tweak”, if necessary, to overcome the idiosyncrasies of machine design, polymer, filler, enhanced properties and output rate.


Designed for PVC compounds, especially for composite formulations.  It is a blend of internal and external lubricants as well as compatabilizers and processing aids for optimum processing and output rates.  This unique system is considered a "one pack" eliminating the need for any other lubes including calcium stearate.



Designed primarily for polyethylene and polypropylene composites to compatabilize, improve homogeneity, processability, output rates and surface quality.  Has also been used in other polymers.



Designed for filled olefin compounds as a processing aid and acts as a synergist to enhance properties and can be used with our without coupling agents.



A highly efficient lubricant used when a broad range of composites are in the mix and can be used with or without coupling agents.

Let Struktol recommend the best processing aid for your particular application. Struktol expertise is not limited to processing aids only. They have the technology to formulate ingredients to obtain higher performance, next generation materials. These projects are handled with complete client propriety.

PICTURED BELOW: The following picture illustrates how the additions of Struktol lubricants change the surface qualities of a polymer composite almost immediately.

Regardless of your polymer, or type of wood or natural fiber being used, Struktol has a Engineered Additive for your compound. The only limitation is your imagination.

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