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Lubricant Products for PVC Compounding and Processing

In today’s global marketplace, you need to produce parts faster, with improved performance qualities – all at a total lower cost.

Struktol Company of America, LLC, lubricant products for PVC Compounding can open a world of new opportunities to enhance your existing products and help you realize increased profits.

Struktol’s products contain simple and complex fatty acid esters, primary amides, montan waxes, metallic stearates and lubrication packages that can be used in a wide range of PVC applications such as calendering, extrusion, blowmolding and injection molding. Final products include rigid PVC film and sheet for credit cards, packaging and signs. Other products include extruded profiles, injection molded goods and blow molded containers.

Let our extensive line of products improve the functionality, quality and performance values in your business.

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Realize More with Struktol
Superior viscosity control
Reduced friction, plate out, mold splay
Decreased mixing times and energy
Outstanding customer and technical service
State-of-the-art laboratory capabilities
Just-in-time shipping
Improved mold release
Improved mixing and uniform filler dispersion
Greater impact resistance
Overall cost reduction: greater margins per piece, more product per run
Custom, unique product development
Improved ease of manufacturing

Struktol - Quality Additives fo Performance
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